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"Be the change you want 
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 in the world" 



Hi, I'm Tal, an environmental activist and a lecturer. I'm motivated to raise public awareness about environmental issues concerning the seas and shores. My business intends to encourage people to take care and be responsible for their actions in marine environments. It regularly includes documenting the wildlife along the reef of Bat Galim neighborhood in Haifa. Using social media I expose the richness of wildlife and the devastating impacts of human activities on marine life. Follow me.

Ever since my early years, I've been in love with the sea. Growing up in Bat Galim, and throughout my childhood, my father used to take me diving. By doing so, I was introduced to the magical dimension of the marine world.


The worrying condition of the environment and the pessimistic forecasts regarding the seas in the upcoming future has led me to make action and become the voice of underwater wildlife. My lectures emphasize that each and every one of us is responsible for the environment. Everyone can influence his/hers surroundings by raising awareness, recycling, and reducing consumption. My wish is that my actions serve as an inspiration for youth and the next generations.​

"The sea is the source of my health, sanity and inspiration" Tal



Turtle black

Bat Galim Reef has a large community of sea turtles which is their home, after years of encounters with those turtles I decided it was time to give my friends names without having an accident and arriving at the sea turtle rescue center (A turtle that is injured is named after the person who saved it, like turtle Ofra).

The green turtles were given names from royal families and the loggerhead turtles were given different and varied names. After sorting through hundreds of photos from years of documentation, I designed for each turtle its own ID card that will allow you to identify the members of the reef with maximum ease.

Welcome with cheers to the sea turtles community of Reef Bat Galim