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 Hi, I'm Tal, an environmental activist and a lecturer. I'm motivated to raise public awareness about environmental issues concerning the seas and shores. My business intends to encourage people to take care and be responsible for their actions in marine environments. It regularly includes documenting the wildlife along the reef of Bat Galim neighborhood in Haifa. Using social media I expose the richness of wildlife and the devastating impacts of human activities on marine life. Follow me.

Ever since my early years, I've been in love with the sea. Growing up in Bat Galim, and throughout my childhood, my father used to take me diving. By doing so, I was introduced to the magical dimension of the marine world.


The worrying condition of the environment and the pessimistic forecasts regarding the seas in the upcoming future has led me to make action and become the voice of the underwater wildlife. My lectures emphasize that each and every one of us is responsible for the environment. Everyone can influence his/hers surroundings by raising awareness, recycling, and reducing consumption. My wish is that my actions serve as an inspiration for youth and the next generations.​


How can you support my activities? 

The funds you donate help me continue documenting and producing movies, volunteer in education institutes, reach more children, and raise more awareness to this most important issue.

I would love to send you my mermaid sticker (my design) as a small token of appreciation, so please write me your mailing address wherever you are in the world.
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Bat Galim Reef in haifa is a rare marine gem in the Mediterranean sea, one of the largest shallow reefs in Israel.

It contains a variety of animals and wildlife like sea turtles, stingrays, bull rays, and more.


Some are already in danger of extinction and we can save them together.

In 2021 a new marine reserve was declared in Haifa and it was supposed to include Bat Galim reef, but it hasn't as of yet. Now is the time to Expand the Rosh Carmel Reserve by adding the Bat Galim Reef,

this action will protect the marine wildlife treasures.

Let's take the opportunity to really appreciate nature and protect it so that future generations of wildlife will thrive.



Unfortunately, during most of my diving time, I find plastic bags, plastic, and fishing gear waste.

Sea turtles are easily confused between their favorite snack, jellyfish, and plastic bags, and end up dying by choking.

There is also danger from abandoned fishing gear, such as nets, fishing lines, hooks, and death traps for sea turtles, dolphins, and seals who are captured and unable to breathe.


Today we fully understand the pollution of plastic waste with its endless problems, and it also breaks down into microplastic particles which enter the food chain of all living creatures.

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